Dummi Lewczyszyn is a portrait and fashion photographer based in Brno, Czech Republic.

She studies Media Studies and Journalism at Masaryk University. For several years she worked as a model, then decided to stay behind the lens. Thanks to modeling experience she can work with models and create a pleasant atmosphere while photoshoot. She takes professional photographs since 2016.

Her work is characterized by purity, simplicity and precision. She devotes mainly to black and white photography. In the photographs she captures the natural beauty of every individual in a simple way.

In addition to portrait and fashion photography, she also focuses on product photography and interior photography. She can create the entire photo visual of a brand and she really enjoys working with local designers. She is open to any collaboration.


Anna Kubicova jewelry | Brno Design Days | Adela Mitrengova, fashion designer | Alešbáry, fashion designer | Fabrik Urban House | Kafe pěší zóna | Karma Bento | NEST interier | Yo Soy designer | SALONč4, custom tailor | ZAELBETH, singer


Fashion MAP | The Book Magazine | Grand Garbage

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